BA, MRSS, RCST, dip. Holistic Maternity Care

Treatment(s): Shiatsu & Craniosacral Therapy

Availability: Friday afternoons

Prices: First consultation (90mins) £50,  subsequent sessions (one hour) £45, sample session (30mins) £20. 


 Mobile: 07952923245


Jessica began her Shiatsu practice in 2002 working with substance abuse clients in Chippenham as well as practicing at Neal's Yard Remedies in Clifton for five years. In 2004, she completed a two year postgraduate training course with the Shiatsu College and went on to gain a Diploma in Holistic Care for Maternity in 2006 with Suzanne Yates.

Jessica believes that Shiatsu helps to realign her clients with his or her essential core self, having an impact at the mental, emotional, physical levels. Illness and pain become guides to discover and treat what is out of balance. Her intention is for receivers to walk out of the door not just physically improved, but feeling integrated and happier – more themselves. Comments she often hears from clients after a session are that they feel “energised and relaxed”, “ironed out” or “lighter”.

In 2010 Jessica completed  the two year craniosacral training at the Karuna Institute with Franklyn Sills,  launching her practice in September 2012 at the clinic. She finds the CST a profound way of working that  can free up the body-mind at the client’s own pace.  The safe holding field promotes a deep relaxation that encourages the “knots” that manifest in ailments – mental, emotional or physical - to expand and release.

Jessica has also pursued a varied career in archaeology, publishing, journalism and translation. She is a practitioner of Hua Gong, a healing form of Qi Gong developed by Master Zhixing Wang, and has attended many of his training weekends and retreats. The links between CST, Hua Gong and Shiatsu are a source of ongoing  fascination and research.