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Your Good Health!

The 'Health Hub' now operates alongside the clinic, visit website here:

The 'Health Hub' is a place where you can; 

Take control of your health. Explore new pathways to wellbeing and vitality.

Discover innovative products and a wide range of services.

Taste delicious, nutritious food and drink.

Improve the quality of your life..

Hub Fresh Food and Drink - Eat for vitality.

Delicious, fresh and nutrient dense food to nourish and energise the mind and body.
We combine fusion flavours, maximising the energetic properties of herbs and spices alongside traditional wholesome authentic food products. Using food sourced from Bristol's artisan health food producers, we have created an inspiring blend of native super-foods, botanicals and exotic ingredients.
Drinks include a specialised range of pure tonics, organic raw juices and smoothies designed to cleanse and refresh, warm herbal loose leaf tea blends, raw hot chocolate and more.
Available to take out. Vegetarian & Vegan. Children's selections and beautiful sharing plates available to enjoy. Food to awaken the senses.

Hub Resources

At the Hub we have done the searching for you. Our 'i point' allows you to search for a wide range
of quality information and access multimedia resources on holistic approaches to health. We have carefully chosen a range of products, information, books and guides all selected to help you help yourself. Whether you need support when cleansing, advice on detoxing, want to learn some simple acupressure techniques or wish to learn how to sit, breathe and eat for better wellbeing, our selfhelp tools and techniques are easily carried out in the home or on the go.

Hub Therapy

Our Hub team can offer you guidance and refer you to our therapy and consultation services available upstairs at The Natural Health Clinic. Established for over 30 years, The Natural Health Clinic is proud to be the first multidisciplinary holistic health centre in the country and offers excellence and quality in practice with a fully qualified and well experienced team of practitioners.
Alongside a wide range of therapies, we also run a series of low cost 'For All' sessions that are available to everyone and ensure that more people can access the help they need without worrying about the cost. We currently offer Acupuncture, Massage and Homeopathy 'For All' sessions along with a low cost Osteopathic self-help and acute treatment clinic. We use models of treatment that are effective and efficient thus keeping costs low but ensuring quality is not compromised.

Hub Talks

Broaden your knowledge and discover more about how you can incorporate new approaches to better wellbeing with our rolling programme of Hub Talks, Demos and Workshops. Health topics covered include: Pain management, Stress and Mood, Women's health, Digestion and Detox, Children's health and Energy. Inexpensive and informative, there is something for everyone.

Hub Relax

Experience new ways to relax and unwind in our drop in Meditation and Relaxation pods. Developed using the latest Biofeedback technology and a full range of effective guided meditations, you can learn techniques to reduce stress and boost your wellbeing by reaching a calmer more focussed state in just 15 minutes!

Kids Hub & Baby Hub

A club dedicated to educating children in skills to improve wellbeing in a fun and unique environment. The Kids Club gives children the opportunity to get inventive and create their own health boosting smoothies and experience the benefits of yoga, meditation and Chi Gung classes led by a team of specialist workshop leaders. Baby Hub is our weekly baby advice and social day in which we bring together a wealth of classes and professionals delivering a range of services and therapies to support your baby's health and wellbeing. Services include mother and baby yoga, baby massage, breastfeeding support, relaxation and ante and postnatal classes and more. Our approach is relaxed, informative and nurturing in a welcoming environment.

Hub Community

Any profits we make are automatically ploughed back into the company to further our community aims. There are many ways by which you can become involved:

  • Become a Member
  • Volunteer
  • Donate
  • Rent space
  • Eat, drink and shop in the HUB!


Click here to 'have your say' in how the Health Hub should develop.

Practitioners, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest in the Health Hub.