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Celebrating 30 Years of Holistic Healthcare as a Community Interest Company

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Welcome to The Natural Health Clinic, the largest and longest established centre for Complementary and alternative medicine in Bristol. We have been serving the local community with holistic healthcare since 1981 and are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of practice.

With our strong roots as an established clinic for over 30 years we continue to strive towards a greater vision. Where Natural healthcare is accessible to a wider community, empowering and is educating people with a wider choice.

Natural Health principles can be applied to all aspects of life, from birth to old age, within a business environment to learning and education in schools, universities and within the community. By opening up Natural Health as a valid choice for all, people can be empowered with their healthcare.

We are now rolling out a series of low cost treatments in Bristol, bringing affordable natural healthcare to the whole city as part of our new vision since becoming established as a Community Interest Company in 2011.

As a Community Interest Company, we are committed to:

  • Provide an integrated service of complementary and alternative medicine
  • Enable practitioners to share and develop their integrated practice
  • Deliver training on integrated approaches
  • Provide affordable and accessible complementary healthcare to the public

All of our profits are ploughed back into the Company to further our community aims.

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NEW: Osteopathy For All: A Low Cost Introduction to Osteopathy

Osteopathy1A new unique service developed for those who are unsure if osteopathy is the right choice for them, or who would like to try a low cost option before committing to a whole series of treatments. With an emphasis on self-help and preventative health, the consultation offers you more general advice about your condition and postural or exercise advice if appropriate. Click here for further information. 


Massage for All

Book into our low cost Massage for All clinic for a 1 hour massage for just £25 (available on Mondays). What better way to start the week and relax and unwind? Massage is beneficial for a series of conditions. Click here for some of the clinically proven medical benefits of massage. 

 Homeopathy for All

Homeopathy 1Homeopathy for All is our low cost homeopathy service available on Monday mornings. Modelled after the popular 'Acupuncture for All' service, Homeopathy for All costs just £20 - £25 for a 30 min one-to-one consultation with the registered homeopaths Jo Morgan and Lyn Clark.







COST: £25



As daylight hours begin to increase and nature slowly springs back into action, it is time to re-awaken our bodies and to welcome good health. The Natural Health Clinic has just launched a new Shiatsu low cost service for the whole community. The service will be available every Wednesday 9am – 1:30 and Saturdays 1pm – 5pm. 

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage therapy which uses gentle pressure, stretches and rotations to release tension, settle the mind and harmonise the energy in the body. It uses the same principles as acupuncture but replaces needles with hands and fingers, knees and elbows.

Shiatsu has been developed from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It works on the body's energy which flows through a network of channels or meridians in the body, supportingourphysical, physiological and spiritual being.When the free flow of energyis blocked, we can develop an imbalance or disharmony in our bodies. Shiatsu can help release these blocks and revitalise areas of weakness and disharmony. 

Shiatsu can address a wide range of conditions from specific injuries to symptoms such as: stress, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, headaches and migraines, back, neck and shoulder pain.

Interview with Fen Gerry, Shiatsu therapistat the Low Cost Clinic on Wednesday mornings at The Natural Health Clinic 

“Over 20 years ago, I was involved in a serious car accident. I had excruciating back pain and I was in a state of deep shock. I went to see various gifted practitioners, but the trauma of my experience appeared to have penetrated so deeply that I wasn't able to fully receive. One of the practitioners I saw then recommended I try Shiatsu. 

Even after my first treatment, I recognised that I had found something that had ultimately changed my life. Not only did the treatment support me physically with the use of beautiful deep yet gentle stretches and structural manipulations, I felt safe and 'held'. Years later I made one of the most incredible and transformational decisions in my life, to train to become a Shiatsu practitioner. I look forward to supporting the community with this fantastic Low Cost Service and sharing my passion for Shiatsu!”

Health Hub

We are a community interest company which means that any profits we make are automatically ploughed back into the company to further community aims.


At Health Hub we aim to put healthy living at the heart of our community and everyday lives. We are a one-stop shop that offers a unique combination of accessible treatments and education, customer-friendly information about health and wellbeing and a vibrant organic café. As a Community Interest Company (CIC) our profits will help fund outreach and education programmes where they are needed most.

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